• Truckstop

What is Truck Stop?  Truck stop is West Hollywood’s hottest party for women on Friday nights.

Girls gather from all points – no Zip code lines!  Hot, sassy, sexy glam rockin’
girls who aren’t afraid to throw down and have a good time….and those are just
the bartenders!
These sexy, unbelievably hot Truck Stop Girlz dole out saucy service and special
dance performances guaranteed to make even the shyest girls break out and bust
a move.

This is Truck Stop _ it’s the night for those who have been saving themselves for
that one special night a week.  It’s the night when girls cut loos and “break those
hooker boots in” to groove master DJ’s Brynn Taylor and DJ Ivy …  Every Friday Night they’re Pumping out masterful blends of Pop, Hip Hop,
Booty Bop, Glam Rock, original remixes and stuff that just makes you want to get
up and shake your groove thang ‘til you drop!








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